All right, sports. We rather start a new top, like right here, nine, twelve at night, eastern standard. Whatever time it is, we can talk about the fliers anybody can chime in angel flores land. I'm a flyers fans. So what? I think i think that she was okay, but i think we've got to get a new head coach did his three, nine playoff. So, you see, i think you want a single siri's and is emotion. I don't. Every time they scored and played the penguins, he was just sit there like, i don't give a fuck. So i think we need a new coach in a new role.

Well, sherminator, i'm gonna have to go with you just because i don't have no knowledge of hockey. I'm michael bullshit you. They start getting competitive where they could win a cup. I start watching him until then, i want so what? She says. Good, i'm gonna go with you.

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