All right, new hockey questions. So that's my time to shine, you're god's opinion. Who are the top five contenders from stanley cup this upcoming season? Number one. The tampa bay lightning number two nashville predators before vegas. Golden knights number five, the current defending champion for washington capitals, so exclude the tronto maple leaves from this list because you have a god to various patrick defense. Kind of sucks. I don't seem to keep aside several ron haynes to being twenty men tonight. Guys, they need a good defenseman to be legit.

What up, sports nerd? I like this man. So i'm gonna give you my top five. I'm going to say, number one, the las vegas nights. I don't think that was a fluke. I feel like they come back with the same team attack, and i feel like they might even win it all next. The boston bruins, pittsburgh penguins, winnipeg jets. I want to see predators, but you know what? I'm or high on capitol still staying in that lock, man, yeah, it's, a capital.

My five contenders. Next, my babies. Washington won a pig and my sleeper.

Number one is the team that prove me wrong last year that i thought was going to win it, but they didn't, and that's a whitening number two. This seam is always up there, and it's, a predator three the paying wins number for its derricks golden nights. This is a seething toe watch out for, because it's approve it season to make sure it's, not flute and number five team that missed the playoffs last year. It's a st louis blues watch out for this team.

Yeah, i'm surprised took so long, said penguins. Beyonce with you some ago penguin and that no particular order. I hate the order thing penguins capitals, tampa bay predators. I don't think gold night was a fluke. I think they'll make it to the playoffs again, but i think that run was too good, too good to be true for another year. Yeah, i could see winnipeg causing some fits. I could see when a peg, i'm going to pay.

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