Okay, because it didn't see this topic up. And given the fact that i have somewhat become a hockey person of his up, i feel it has we brought up so apparently yesterday, jeff skinner was traded from hurricanes, once again, making a move to buffalo for forward prospect cliff poo and a few draft picks. So who do you guys think? Oneness, trade? Personally, i think buffalo right now has the edge. Just because jeff skinner now gives jack eichel a solid top line where to work with and plus, buffalo didn't have to give up a first round, which they had plenty of for this year. It's. A win for buffalo right now.

Yeah, i agree, it is buffalo, buffalo adds to the frontline, gives a mentor to jack eichel, who was one of the best young players in the league. Jeff centers a goal scoring. He led the hurricanes and goal scored. I think a couple of years ago, so we know you can put the puck in the back of the net, and they didn't have to give up any of their three first round picks. So that's a win win for buffalo. Caroline gets a second, third and sixth in a prospect.

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