So jalen ramsey opened his mouth again, said if he could train for six months, that you think he could crack the nhl, what do you guys think for me? I think there's, no way and shit, he said. He had never stepped foot on skates before, um, and i think it's, just him running his mouth, trying to prove that, you know, he's, a great athlete, you know, everyone already knows that. I don't know why he needs to try and prove it to everyone else. There's. No way he could crack this.

Man, that is a ridiculous statement, and i'm a fan of jalen ramsey. I mean, i don't care how athletic you are, nhl players, they skate better than i could walk on my own two feet, so learning how to skate alone will take at least like a month in the head. And then on top of that, you had to learn how to use the stig. Then you've got a work on your coordination with the stick and skate. It is it's a whole long process. There's people that's been playing hockey their entire life, and they can't even cracked any show. I don't care how athletic you are, it's, impossible to do with that face.

Battle on SportsMe! Jalen Ramsey says if he trained for 6 months he could crack the nhl, but hes never skated or stepped foot on ice.. you think he really could or is it all talk? #thebackups #jalenramsey #trashtalk

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