This one's for sports night. I see lists where they ranked the top nhl players and it's always mk david over crosby, and i kind of just, you know, make david's better in every aspect of the offense of zone is faster. He has better hands, everything, but crosby has drug his team to the stanley cup multiple times with a bunch of injuries. Uh, well, he's been injured the same season, so, really, you can't deny championships. Why is crosby always below, make david?

To be honest, i don't exactly know why people rank mk david over crosby ver having it probably is because of mcdavid's style of play, he's fast, he's, explosive offensively, and that fits the mold of today's nhl. But hard to overlook the accolades and work ethic of someone like sydney crosby. It's. Also, you forget that he's had two seasons were of games, wiped out two concussion issues. So who knows where stats would be? Otherwise, i think whoever said mcdavid's considered, i had a crosby just because david style play better.

Battle on SportsMe! @TheSportsNerd Crosby or McDavid??? Why is McDavid ranked Top NHLer when Crosby has longevity and championships to back him up? #thebackups #nhl #crosbyormcdavid

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