Okay, guys, i'm going to talk about sport i don't never really talk about except a little that's it in a chill right now. Let's, give each other who are predictions for the stanley cup is mbah. We're all pretty much on the same boat, so let's, talk about nhl for me. I like the lightning winning it all versatile winnipeg jets, that's my pig and watch out for the st louis blues. Oh, this year, that's, my sleeper!

My stanley cup prediction will be temp big pining over the vegas school. My sleepers the toronto maple leafs.

So, given the fact that everyone knows by now on big school nights, van, yeah, this will be a little surprised. Actually, do not have the gold nights. Making the final this year is that i have the tampa bay lightning taking it or the winnipeg jets. That being said, air carlson is expected to be moved in a day or two, maybe even today. And if he goes to base, they might actually take the whole thing. Watch out for the san jose sharks. So did some addition by subtraction and keep the same team largely from last year. Gave gold, nicer, biggest scare into playoff. So very definitely a team to look out for.

Well, i'm gonna go with since we in the city of champions, the philadelphia flyers, i think, is easy pickings this year. They're underrated. Then we'll be able to sneak up on people, so we're just gonna roll with the flyers. I don't know what they made the playoffs this year. We won't go with the flyers anyway. I told you about doing the semi sports.

I'm gonna go full on bias. I am going the minnesota wild. I don't know much about hockey, man, i'm football back. I'm all football, basketball, so i'm not here talking, man by heard, we got some good players this summer. I'm going to go with wild cause, i'm biased.

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