So the nashville president predators austin watson suspended for twenty seven games for domestic assault. You think he's overreacting about nhl shouldn't be more games, less games, whole year? I wouldn't say nhl bank, but damn twenty seven games. You really don't hear too much about sun n h. So does the punishment fit the crime and no.

So, chef, i had no idea who he was, so i did a little bit of research on it. Check it out. I've definitely had a gas station. He pushed his girlfriend once up against something they are arguing, and he did whatever the witnesses said, they suspended him the entire preseason in twenty seven games. I don't know if his horse or not, but he did, uh, plead guilty. Some plead down for domestic violence thing. They kind of self admitted it, and, i guess it's, not a story, because nobody ever heard him.

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