Uh, this whole jalen ramsey and hl story is just getting amusing now. Apparently, jalen ramsey made a phone call that got him some hockey years. This man has apparently dead serious that he wants to go to the nhl at some point. I mean, it's, probably not gonna happen, but hey unh, oh, can afford to. Free publicity, definitely points. More eyes to the sport of the season is about to begin. It's, a marketing opportunity waiting to happen. I think th l should go for it.

Dude, about jalen ramsey can't even fuck it. I stayed, dude, he's. Probably these guys that goes down to central park, dude and fucking tries to ice skate and he fucking falls on his ass. He probably going to try it, he's going to try speed skating and hockey at the same time. Fucked that the guy i'm going to do shit, but least got some free hockey gear, which he would send me. Some get some good black hawk here.

Battle on SportsMe! I’d love the NHL to use this for marketing #JalenRamseyReallyWantsToPlayHockey

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