Yes, this new rule change in the mba of how an offensive rebound will we set the shot clock to fourteen seconds. Compared to the previous twenty four seconds is a good rule change. I personally like it, obviously it's, like in the sense where it'll now be similar to when you foul person on a team say under ten seconds on the shot clock. And then when they inbound, it goes back to fourteen seconds. I think it's a good rule change, there's, no need for a full twenty four seconds after a rebound. Uh, i like this real change. What do you guys think?

As a whole for speeding up the game and taking away the transition part of the game because you're not coming up the floor in the twenty four seconds. The one thing that you lose in this, though, is a fresh twenty four second clot that you get late in the ballgame. When you work harder to get the ball off the glass, then you're opposing team. Optimum ble. You're able to burn some clock, or they've got tio initiate a foul. So it changes some of the strategies. But it in today, whatever they want to implement. Everybody's, gotta play by.

I don't like this rule, not a fan of this rule. Teams that want to play fast will play fast, and i think this rule is advantageous for those teams. But team that like to go down low, like the san antonio spurs. This's, not advantageous for them whatsoever because, like shot, doc was saying at the end of a game, when you get a rebound, you want that fresh twenty four seconds. And if you can't get a defensive rebound at the end of the game, you don't deserve to win the basketball game. If you get an offensive rebound, you should get twenty.

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