First post in new threads, shadow jeff, but, yeah, the philadelphia flyers, they announce a new mascot on depends fan. I'm trying to be nice, trying to lay off it, screw it, gritty, i gotta roast you. Look, i know kids love mascots, but i don't think they want to be hugging the monster under their bed. It's like a mix of the fat dude from austin powers, whatever mombasa and zoe from sesame street. I mean, this is what the war axes up to nowadays, me and phil, you dropped the ball on this in a way around it.

Cory, you know, i'm in nhl kai, so very glad you brought this up. But, yeah, i'm with you one hundred per cent. What the hell is great he's supposed to be? And what's the point? It looks like the demonic love child of the philly fanatic at a sesame street reject. I mean, when the golden knights revealed chance to be the mascot, everyone was roasting him. I think he's, all right, compared to this monstrosity, may as well. Just how the fanatic do. Double duty will be easier to understand in this.

Man, kids would love that that's like the cookie monster he's, a member of the sesame street. I think kids love that. I'm not sure, but doesn't he look like one of those sesame straight people with, like, elmo, cookie monster, big bird? And i remember when i was a child, i was scared of the cookie monster. I'm kind of scared of that, too, so, yeah, i think it's like a sesame street character.

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