I did my fantasy hockey draft today, here on my players. You tell me if you think there it's a good thing. William karlsson, logan court sure, rikard richelle, james van riemsdyk, patrik laine killed granlund, erik karlsson, mark george, donald martin, aronson, iselin. Down on my bench, i got eric stall, tyler toe fully. Anders lied, nico, his shirin, my gold, hendrik lundqvist, mike smith, carter hutton have no.

Man jonah, i have no idea. I'm as clueless as you right now. I'm kind of wondering if my team's any good, maybe four players i actually know on my team, probably on your team to basically all i did was go off projection. My team probably sucks. I have no idea of your team sucks or not.

I mean, yeah, your team, your guys change again. There's. No question, uh, jonah, i would say, drop marilson gets him like monsignor man manson or baton maris, and i have no clue what his rules can be on toronto, especially since william the order gets trevor justin fault. He's not gonna be on the roster. Meanwhile, manson bhatnagar on first pairing, so that should help you out as faras points and all the other stats go, young blood. You need to do much of anything right now. Your officers pretty much set for just getting extra defenseman created, see what you can got it.

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