Now, i was trying to post this bet with some other battle, know what battle it went to. So everett went to see a sari, but did you see this? The umpire, the aunt is blowing on calls. I was like three last night yankees red sox games. So what matter, anyways, these been blown calls. James angel hernandez. Well, go find out he's who's suing major league baseball, because then i'm gonna work world series student for discrimination. Soc blowing these calls on purpose.

Punk check master. This is a very important debate. I haven't even heard on on any of the telecast, and mlb playoffs probably were briefed to keep it hush hush. But the answer to your question is undoubtedly he's, a human calling a human game, he's ticked. I keep hearing donaghy and my background. I keep here in the seinfeld, sticking it. It could be sticking it.

For sure, there's, no question about it, and, to be honest, i don't know why. Then they'll be it's still letting him empire games. Um, it's, ridiculous he's, doing it on purpose, but i mean, it is what it is. They'll find out eventually, you know, catch him in the long run.

This is not is what it is. This the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard in major league baseball. And, yes, i am throw that it helped the boston write songs who you all know i want to win, but of angel hernandez, i mean this lawsuit. I didn't know anything about this until punk check, thank you for dropping this. Why is this not major news? Why is this not the bigger, biggest news in baseball before this game? This is literally one of the biggest things. Biggest news story based.

Battle on SportsMe! Umpire is suing MLB but is still working games. Is he blowing calls on purpose????

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