Let's, assume the red sox get past the yankees and we have our four teams left. We got the hoyas, the brewers, the red sox and the stros hoo to you is the most daunting batting lineup left to me. It's, easily the astros, they can knock runs in in a number of ways. They adjust very quickly to pictures. If you watch him in the second time around the lineup versus first. I also like to think that homeboy altuve is a real life. Pablo sanchez shut up backyard baseball.

I say, it's the brewers on this one, because they've got mike must ask us. They've got ryan braun, orlando or cia. Um, it's crazy lorenzo cain, christian yelich, one of the one of the top players that are on fire right now, is he is dominating in. This team is looking great, and i'm rooting for them to go all the way.

It has to be the astros, with bragman, korea all to pay george springer, gatt is goryeo. Man. This batting lineup is unbelievable. I could even make a case that it's better than the red sox. You got power, you've got got guys that can get on base. Man, this batting lineup is unbelievable. It's, easily the thinking, her best lineup left in the playoffs.

I got to go with my boy. Young blood on here have jumped twenty for a little bit. Hello. But since we're excluding the yankees yankees, i think, have marginally a tad more dangerous than the actress, but not by much. So without them, the sky be the astros, i you don't wanna pitch to at least eight out of nine of them, really, all night that you have it to someone. So, yeah, i definitely is a picture. I wouldn't want to face him at all.

Battle on SportsMe! Of the Dodgers, Brewers, Astros and let’s assume Red Sox, who is the most lethal BATTING LINEUP left in this years baseball playoffs?! #MLB #Playoffs #Astros #Dodgers #Brewers #RedSox

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