It's, time for a conference, championship games and baseball coming up here in the next few days. Brewers rushes dodgers, um, brewers did greg and see iraqis, but the dodgers stomp created the braves. They have many machado, justin turner, and they're great red sox astros. I'm going the red sox on this one. Um, they have great offense, so the astros, but i just think red sox are going to bring out when it all.

Conference championship. That's, football and basketball. This is ale cs and l c s, anyway, for the a l c s, i'll go with think the red sox will take that one. Astros could very well when i could see that one go into seven games, but i think the red sox will pull it out on the nlcs. I'm going to go with the brewers. These air, my original world series picks before the postseason, i guess. Stick with them when they get over the red sox and the brewers.

Yet a o c, s and n o c s not conference championship, but going off to the real topic. Who's, goingto win these games, i gotta say, astros and seven thing. They're one of the most complete teams they made. The world won the world series last year, so they got experience for the nlcs. I'm going to go with the brewers. I think yelich is playing unbelievable, and they're just playing so well as a team.

Houston. Against the rays, sacks. I'm going, houston. They beat my yankees. I don't want them. And roars. I think you're gonna win in an hour. The brewers against houston astros, and i see the brewers winning in six from below. I need your picks to brother.

I'm a deviate from the hottest teams in baseball and i'ma going the national league conference, siri's and the nlcs, as y'all call it, which he started it with the conference championship games, which they are. I'm going with the i'm going with the dodgers over the brewers. I just there's something about the dodgers right now, the way their plan of late. I think they're going eek out some games, and then on the other side, the red sox, as hot as they are. The astros loved the postseason. I'm going with houston.

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