We have four teams left in baseball. There's, some story line. If we get the astros versus the dodgers in the world, siri's. We get a repeat of last year's world series and a possibility of the astros doing something that's very rare in baseball and that's repeating as major league baseball champion or the dodgers getting revenge from last year. Or we could have a red sox versus bruises. World serious. We have the possibility of the red sox winning four in the last fourteen years, or the brewers winning their very first major league baseball world series. Who would you like to see in the world series?

No shocker here. I'm going red sox, and i'm going versus dodgers, and i've told alex trough this. I want the brewers to make it to the world series, but i think red sox first dodgers, is what everybody wants. You know, major league baseball wants is for their network, and viewership will literally ten acts with this siri's. Nobody wants houston anymore. That's. Boring. Red sox, dodgers, red sox in five.

May, in the matchup i want to see is the match up, i think is gonna happen, and that is. Remove boyd and it's, a astros against the brewers. First off, let's. Just say, i hate the red talks and dodgers so that's, an easy choice, but thank you off. If the astros win, the world series will actually make my mariners not look as much garbage as they actually are. And brewers have even been able to get to this place. So let's, go.

You know, i'm a huge astros fan, so i always want maestros in the world, siri's and the red sox and kiss my ass. I hate them with a passion on the other side. I don't like to see a new team. Milwaukee brewers, men. They haven't had any postseason success in their history, and this is probably their best team ever, and i would love to see this young team go to the world series finals against my astro. However, i do think the astros will repeat.

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