It's, nlcs time, baby, and i got a prediction, and i got fifty points for anyone that wants to go against me. Give me kershaw on the road all day long. I love what councils doing with the brewers. It's. Very questionable, though, to go chee yoke and solace against kershaw unless he thinks he's gonna have advantages in other pitching matchups, geo seven eleven with the nazi was trade. I get it's up to e r a for the

I'll take the brewers for fifty points. Sure, claim kershaw reminds me, a jekyll and hyde he's like jekyll in the regular season. Absolutely fantastic. I mean, nobody could hit against him that in the playoffs. So he's, like hyde, man, he's, complete ass in the playoffs, under five hundred record over four and a half. I know he looked great. First start. He had this postseason, but it was against an inexperienced atlanta team, so i like the brew crew at home.

Yeah, i mean, teo, i'll take the brewers on that one fifty points. Give me the brewers at home, hot, his team in baseball, arguably. Right now, there are a few teams that you could argue, but i'm going to take the brewers at home. Game one against the dodgers, kershaw doesn't do much in the playoffs. Give me the brewers at home.

Battle on SportsMe! I’ll take Kershaw over Gio Gonzalez ALL DAY IN GAME 1!! Who wants it for 50 points?! #MLB #Dodgers #Brewers #Kershaw #GioGonzalez

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