Then, so i love kershaw, first of all, he's from the dallas area, uh, very sort of texas, dude, he is a bad ass picture, but play out fucking. He just keeps getting one. I don't know it's like mental or something. I can't figure it out, but with that, so with that being said, would you consider him like the russell westbrook of the mlb?

Because russell westbrook actually still plays good in the post season, he does the same in the post season that he doesn't regular season, because those teams never actually have that great a record. Anyway. You know, since durant left, they've been leaking in with lower seat. Anyway, they're not expected to win. He's cursed all teams, so cursed all just shits. The bed, you know, it's him against the battery on, and he just he gets rocked. He doesn't go past five, generally.

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