Bone mass boston fans are just we got movie way, got sales, we got david price, we're gonna win. This siri's we're going with the world series is my at boston, boston goto hell, they suck. They're like the kansas city chiefs off the nlb. They do well in the regular season, and then they choke in the post season. What else is new? That's, one down and three to go, go astros.

You know, i myself who's, game one at home. Then you have your best picture sale, but he walked, like, for they got david price pitching tomorrow. No, look, good old bostonians.

You do realise is one to nothing. Every team's in the history of sports have lost in the first round playoff siri's came back to win, and don't give me chris seal. The rest of the red sox rotation is equally as good. They're all stars. Maybe david price is not so great, but tonight's his night. If all the looks like crystal, you've always looks like justin verlander and it's, not like the world is going to pitch again every single game. Red sox in six.

This astros team is so much better than the right song. I'd be very surprised the red sox win one fucking game. All i say is a fucking game. Two is a must win for the red sox, and they don't win. It's overdue. No, there's not gonna be a fucking three. Oh, come back, like four games fucking come back from a three. Oh, deficit like they did the yankees, like ten years ago or so you're not gonna do that to this astro team. This astral team is bad.

Yeah, this astros team is one of the best i've ever seen. Remember, guys, i'm going young blood, so i haven't really seen many great baseball teams, but this team has pitching. They got defence, they've got batting men. Can you have anything? Mohr? I don't think so, but they win tonight, which are winning forward to two. At the moment, they're up two to zero, and they're going back to houston for the next two games. I'll be shocked if boston wins.

Battle on SportsMe! @art @Jeff 1 down 3 to go!!! the Red Sox are the Kansas City Chiefs of the MLB and home field advantage shifts to H Town. Let’s gooooooo!!!!!!!!

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