I have a quick opinion on jackie bradley jr. I think what people don't get is that he's, a league average hitter o ps this year, was seven seventeen, the league average with seven twenty eight. His career. Oh, ps is around seven twenty. That's. What he is. He's league average hitter there's a couple of months a year where he's going to be one of the top hitters in the league and there's. Ah, definitely a couple of months a year where he's going to be one of the worst average, all out he's league average. It's, also the best defensive centerfielder the socks have had since dimaggio may be ever so he's a good player.

Oh, yeah, jackie bradley, man, i'm glad to hear you whine that thing up right, and give him his props, because i'm going to edit tape. That's, big lights, man, that what loved the stage he loves postseason. He loves going after championships. We got to college world series because of him and ten, level, we won back to back on ly team toe ever close one stadium open another one, and we went back a year after him, but we didn't win it without him. Jackie bradley. Big lights, baby.

Battle on SportsMe! Jackie Bradley Jr is average offensively and above average defensively, thus making him an above average player

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