Oh, my god, all i want to know is, what the hell is alex corps doing with kimbrel trying to throw his arm out? He's, tryingto get him confidence. This is not the right place. That was some luck. I don't know what core is doing with this guy. Someone helped me out, someone help me rationalize this. You know, these have been crazy ass games.

It is no rationale, stupid as fucking move by coral. Luckily, it came out okay. I mean, it could have been with outcome could have been worse. So, yeah, i definitely agree. I mean, it's, really no rationale. He's got to sit back and watch it, see how it plays out. Oh, yeah, before i forget it. All right, i need thio pics before game time tonight, it's a mansion.

There's. Always a method in the madness of a coach. You remember bobby. You'll remember bobby cox with the brace, and you'll remember some of the craziness he did with those great teams sometimes is a method in the madness. Tommy lasorda didn't necessarily do things you know, in the standard fashion, and right now, brother it's a lot, rather fortuitous. Ride the wave and let cora go. Let him go, let him do what he do is they say.

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