Sports me fam it's not oh, that's. Double tv action focus on the red sox. Four, two, four zero devers, three run bomb. The question is, can the astros come back? I'm putting up two hundred points on this battle, and i'm going no battle me all you want!

I have to agree with you. Two hundred points will be still super nice right now. Um, but probably eighth and anything can happen because i saw the astros come back last year. And i saw the indians come back and the coach comeback mansion from a three one deficit, so anything can happen. But i don't think so. I don't think so. I think boston got it.

You knew the answer to that dance was yes, they could. But they won't.

Battle on SportsMe! Can astros come back? I say noooooooo and putting 100 points up to anyone who can give me a good reason how in these next 3 innings ‼️‼️

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