Fuck! Well, congrats, jeff. Art bostonians, grafs your red sox. Well, the next match will be back. Just goes to show, you know how hard it really is. Harder, really, is to repeat, but, you know, keep playing like this. I don't see anyone beating you.

No, sir. Harper. I really don't like anything boston, so i can't say congrats. I can't. I saw the siri's, so i'm a lakers and l a dodger fan, so i don't like anything boston at all. So goods if your team advanced, but not really.

Let's, go boston, i mean, it's, a nice time to be a boston fan, but this was a nice siri's. I mean, houston is a good team. They got me a cover. I've done that one run because of that fan, and who knows? Game still played out differently, but this game is good. David price had good six innings, nine strikeouts that was that was nice for you, so lucky bets he better win every p this man is.

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