World siri's bound didn't call this now. I've met on this happen awhile. Gotta watch the red sox when i couldn't promote them. After we got smoked and game on astra's playing a game, that man delivered two best teams and name the major's. Probably right there in that game.

Man boston in a world of his own right now, it's gonna be difficult, regardless of who gets there, unless the ball just bounces. Funny, this is definitely the red sox year. The regular season record is representative of who they are, and how about my game cat? Jackie bradley. Yeah, yeah, i got a good one. The magician, the best defensive outfielder, is in.

Yeah, congratulations, seo yong, on fire. I'm pretty sure i'm gonna win it now. Sex for me meant, is what it is. You know, it's, baseball. I mean, even you want the homerun getting taken away, all those bullshit part. What change the outcome, the ball bounce along the law, stupid now, as baseball now, our pictures made stupid choices. Now they kept throwing a pitch that they could take to the short side. Left field should have.

Are you was a coast fan two years ago? Yeah, you had a cubs jersey on two years ago. I know you did.

Gotta agree with pretty much everything here. Shot, doctor, so spot on this is the red sox year. They wanted they're hungry. Guys who have shown not done so well in the past are going above expectations above what they've done in literally their careers, and this team is ready to go on. So the big question is, if it's the dodgers, can they be? They're pitching for the dodgers, the brewers. Can you handle the red sox offense? I don't think so.

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