I'd sports me fam after the red sox take the first two games, and they will, and they go to dodger town. They're playing in the national league. The picture is going to hit, so that means j d martinez needs to play in the field. The red sox were tinkering with putting mookie betts back at second base. J d martinez in right field. Is this the right move? Should they saved jd for a bigger moment, maybe a clutch pinch hitting. What do you think i'm going with? This is the right move? Put mookie and second let's still.

That's coming from a die hard yankee fan, ladies and gentlemen, uly muecke, best outfield, because, he's, that much of a defender, you put him at second base. Next. Can you defend a second base? Yes, but he's, a little more vulnerable as second base, is not his proposition, and the dodgers will expose that because it's, such a great hitting team, they can also hit the ball just as well. But mookie, best pure hitter, one of the best tennis, is not the best hitter in major league baseball. I don't think you lose anything there. We need you. Did you put him in, if not he's on fire? Fault line is when you go back to boston, so be it.

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