Free tacos. Thank you, mookie betts. Free tacos for everyone. November first, two to six p, m is that mountain time, eastern time. What the fuck time? What does that even mean? How do i fucking work that? Either way, free taco.

Free tacos where i want to know. Jonah, if this is legit, this is the best thing ever. I love tacos, but where are these free tacos gonna happen? I want to eat some.

All right, the free taco was because someone stole a base and the world series. And it just drives everyone to talk about because everyone's, because a free taco and stand in line for an hour. And they're also going to buy another taco. And they're going to buy some of that liquid gold called soda, where they make all their money. So they lure you in with that free taco. But you're really going to give them three or four more dollars. So it's going to be a hell of a profit for them. On november first, they're not giving away much.

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