You know what i don't understand about baseball sometimes, like some of the rules, are kind of silly, right? Like, if a catcher misses the ball when a batter strikes out, why does he have to throw out the first guy i struck out? Why does the catcher have to catch the strikeout pitch? Makes no sense to me. The fucking batter struck the fuck out, dude, why does he get an opportunity if he struck out to goto first, just because you catch it in a bucket, catch the ball. It makes no sense to me, it's, a fucking stupid rule, my view.

It's been a sand lot baseball rule for ever and a day it's the same at the little league level, and it has transcended all way through his tradition. Simple is that jonah is just tradition. Some there's, a lot of rules that you could probably pick apart and say, it's, stupid, because you don't like the particular rule. But the securing of the third pitch out of the third strike pitch out has always been a sand lot. Baseball.

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