Two games into the world series, i'm still convinced dave roberts, who is an excellent manager, by the way, he's over managing game won. He takes out bias after he smoke coming in the middle of ending. Ah, first batter, and then what happens? He brings in what nunes game over cia yesterday, bellenger again, he's, your m v p of the nlcs and he's, not in the starting lineup. It bothers me, you agree.

One name i'ma give you bobby cox. Bobby cox. Yeah, dave roberts should have gone back and studied the mistakes of bobby cox. Atlanta had too many great teams tow, walk away losers in the world, siri's during periods where he change things. He over thought things changed everything.

Battle on SportsMe! Dave Roberts is a phenomenal Manager but he’s overthinking the room!!! In my opinion... #WorldSeries #Dodgers #RedSox #MLB #DaveRoberts #Bellinger

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