Special. Siri's! It's, too. Two. We're in the fifteenth. I cannot flow no boston and caught a little of lord of the rings. I got the hoyas fifty points. Yeah, i'm just a dumb and dumber, and you better believe i'm still making it to the

Alex, how many points for to give you for when they should get? I know it's halloween weekend, but damn bruh, that shit doesn't shit you wear, but you know what, you entertainers so you could wear anything, even wear whatever you want here. Yeah, i addressed is a damn bike a couple years ago, so what there? But at the end of day try, some males manage that.

Battle on SportsMe! Halloween edition battle!!! I got the Dodgers in the 15th for ALL THE MARBLES!!! Who wants it #MLB #WorldSeries #Dodgers #Sox

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