There they are, the world series champions. There we go. Sail, price, kelly, all one hell of a night straight now. Manny machado for that world siri's winning game. Tell me another town better than boston right now in sports. What town better?

Two thousand grade. Siri's man, y'all! Y'all got so hot at the right time, like good god don't want super saying with those bads pitching was on point, not the greatest, but with those bats super saying bad manual, there was no stopping. You better sound the bench. Man. Patriots win super bowl feels like fucking freeze over eight. Oh, stopping your bostonians from bragan forever. Now, it's gonna be horrible here for another fucking year, good lord!

I'll tell you of town. Better the world siri's air, so great that nobody really gives a shit. Nobody watches baseball this time of year, man everybody's watching this scene to the vikings, or they're all watching ww evolution. People don't care about baseball anymore, taking from the daddy davis, man w w these bigger than baseball, and you know the nfl is to nobody really cares. Way no half the players were juicing on some, anyway. Nobody cares about baseball anymore.

Yeah, dream job that he died, david that way, nobody watching groceries outside of bullets in l a nobody, people in chicago and shame watching groceries. We got, like, maybe twenty people, but now, hopefully, it takes little sting off. Super bowl lost in thought off deals. Hopefully, it does, but i want cristian. When one eye this added want balls in the winds, i was gonna watch game, but okay, they want your best in baseball, but, uh, yeah, nobody really watching, but i'm glad everybody was having fun, and, hey, congrats!

Yeah, i gotta agree. No one was really watching like that. And even on here, if you look at the point, spread on i baseball post. And only nobody posing and harley no points on. And nobody even close to five thousand points. Twenty five hundred points on that baseball post that shows, even on sportscenter, with three hundred people on here are fifty, regular people on him. No one, hardly bullshit about baseball. Out of the top three sports is the least watched, but hats off the ball.

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