Well, congratulations to you bostonians in the boston red sox. What a hell of a season you'll put on. Man, you're, you're caught extreme fire, it's the best time you could possibly ask to get it. I mean, when they beat the astros, where they did, there was nobody stopping him, so congratulations. Y'all! Uh, well, party it up, and we're coming for you next year tell

Boston red sox have one hell of a season. What was it, one hundred six and forty six or something like that? One hundred six games, one hundred eight games won something along those lines, but anyway, it had been a travesty for them not to win it, it playing such great baseball, but they never let up. You know, sometimes you get in the playoffs and then the ball bounces. Funny, i'd like to say that little round ball bounces funny in the play offs, but i tell you what. There was nothing inconsistent about this team from the start of season in the spring, right into the world, siri's quiet is the world series.

Battle on SportsMe! Congrats to the Boston Red Soxs! Hell of a season y’all had!!!

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