Today was truck mcgee. You're fucking crazy to say that no one gives a shit about. Baseball is just one of the most ignorant things i've ever heard you say. I love baseball, even master is already, i'm still watching now, yes, footballs, more exciting to watch. I am arresting more exciting to watch, whether that's for kids, baseball's, a thinking man's game, so i get a lot of people can't handle it, but then you mentioned steroids. You can't teach better ball, you can't buy that skill.

Baseball is life dodgers.

Come on, punk. Check, stop. Every meaningful record in baseball. It's from broke over last twenty years has been broken by a noon steroid user. So what do you mean, that's? All it is now who can cheat the best home runs, baton, average, strikeouts, come on way, no trial it's going to get caught. We know, uh, harper's going, get caught. We know stink eye and kershaw, we're on it.

First, gabriella, stop, stop! Baseball is life dodgers, fuck out here, quick, that i don't believe that for one second. Come from, you don't. Second war. I see no by what people don't watch baseball people watch the world series. They don't have a casual following. Baseball doesn't where people give a fuck outside their team being out and see a championship, people watch because it's a show, super bowl people watch the show, eh? Nba finals. People have casual, interested, even stanley cup world series, bottom, that list now.

Your drunken monkey is correct. You know, the fam basa committed baseball fan base. They exist, and they follow it. Regular season playoffs, right into royal siri's, but they don't have a casual fan base. The other sports have casual fan base to go with their committed fan base, and you will have the cabin, the casual in office fan following march madness, and the the super bowl, the college playoff championships, the nba finals, all that we'll get both sides.

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