All right, congratulations to the boston red sox. I like to debrief from a dodgers side of things. I think this siri's could easily win. Set couple of components you bring in. Alex would, after bias in game one, gets an out, three run homer by noon. Yes, boom ballgame. You look at the rich hill handoff with davey roberts on the hill with the ball completely different outcome. Arguably, siri's is still going, even if it's three to boston, i'm bothered that davy roberts didn't trust here.

And i understand what you're saying, and i wish i had points so i can give you about now. I disagree with you. No, and i don't think i don't think that anyone could be in boston in a seven game series. We can create all the hypotheticals you want, but they were on fire, and then, whether it be used anyway, was over at that point. And david price, to me, is the biggest story here he played out of his mind.

I could only say management decisions. And i said it early and oppose. Remember bobby cox? Remember all those years of those dynasties of atlanta, the atlanta braves, how many pennants they want? And how many world siri's they went to on ly to finish with one? Because he changed all of his strategies of success during the season to get these whimsical changes with pictures at the last minute starters going to relieving and all that craziness.

Battle on SportsMe! Can’t blame Davey Roberts for staying “analytical” if that’s what got you there but then again, when you’re going against a GOLIATH you MUST think outside the box. MANALYTICS > Analytics #MLB #Dodgers #LA #RedSox #DaveRoberts #WorldSeries

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