So i'm watching on here, and they're saying the phillies got the inside track, and they're believing, you know, within the next few days on announcing made their signing. Bryce harper. God, i hope not. All the signs and symptoms of a roid of a roid attic injured moron. One more way might get two good years out of impossibly, but it'll probably only be about a hundred twenty hundred thirty games. And then we'll go home eight more years at thirty five to forty money year, and not be able to find anybody else. Terrible idea.

I agree, it's. A bad move, but a better you thine in mine yankees was going to go for, but he was such a fucking shell of itself, the yankee said, never mind. So a more power to you if you get him that's, a lot to give up just for him. He's. Not worth he's, a shell of himself, but maybe you feel to see something in them that the yankees and everybody else don't. Well, we'll see what happens.

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