Okay, sports me pat boss again. I'd love to ask a question. This is strictly baseball. If you're chicago fan, what do you think the cubs were going to do? Are they going to get rid of kris bryant? If so, what do they bring back addison russell on the chopping block? Possibly few other pieces, of course. Bryce harper out there, manny machado out there, a few pictures, what do you think the cubs do?

Hey, you! It really don't matter what the cubs do, because the dodgers are still going to be the team. Come september, october that you need to get through. And nobody is getting through my los angeles dodgers, because the dodgers are going to put themselves in the position to be back in the world series again. Third time in a row, third year in a row.

Oh, shit, he's back. I'm all i looked for you on j c t park as good find you way missed. You were glad to see you back. You know, some people crack when you're lupo sometimes, but i enjoy him way all got our own opinions. Why don't you stay back on here way? Enjoy senior, i won't throw you honor point, just so that i'm glad to see you back.

I'm not sure why i was tag along. This posed for one. I hate the cubs. I'm a white sox fan, just saying.

Ah, fuck you, jonah on dh. Then listen, we're trading hap. We are one hundred percent trading happy at some point, probably for pitching, so we're trading hap schwarber might be included in a deal if the picture is good enough, but half is going to be gone by mid season, i could guarantee that, maybe russell to. As for harper, i don't think he's coming to chicago, i love it, but i don't think we want to waste all our money on him. Not that it's a waste, but definitely pitching.

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