Sports may burst. Welcome to my side of it round and see for the wheeling, taylor's family affiliate of the pittsburgh penguins. It's our education day game, and it's a little. Something nice.

Clued as hard. Dad's hard like eight points. That's hard, man. Damn, that's a good size whom i do as hard.

Damn cory, man, i gave you some points to man. That is bad ass. Bad ass side also, man, i'm fucking excited for you, dude. That's awesome, man. Am i envy you, man? Well, i don't have you. If you were, like, anywhere in pittsburgh or anything, but i can't be that hustled. That's bad ass. I like that give you some points.

Damn, dude, that is one hell of a side hustle you cut there. That is bad ass. My brother. Bad ass had to give you some points for that one. That's also hockey. So, uh, you get him to couple points with me. So, uh, give it up, my dude.

Yeah, cory up jealous. I want to get the mic and get the crowd all hiked up. That's a good noah thing to do. I private dope for free just to get in on that butt. And that's pretty cool, man says air by austin, you points. I'm stuck doing your points, too.

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