Of your bryce harper, you're going to get fed. But and honestly, not one to talk about another man's paper. Oh, but i am in the world of sports. Three hundred million three hundred dirty million three hundred twenty million. Is it that much difference? We're talking about championships, and if i think about one team, he could go to that. Just the shoe fits. It's the dodgers. Give me a reason why not?

I do think that the dodgers are the best place to bryce harper to go this offseason. About the same time, i can understand why ella might be a little tense about we're gonna need to pay their young players like seger, ballenger and muncie at some point, and with a contract like harper's on the books, that could be a problem. And they have a loaded outfield already, especially at the corner spots. And that's already going with the whole the dodgers have. Already. They might have to do some dealing and toy that roster little bit. I'm not your belly wants to do back.

Battle on SportsMe! This team is as close as it gets to winning a World Series..if they signed Bryce Harper, it be a beautiful thing. Do you agree?!? #MLB #BryceHarper #Nationals #Yankees #Dodgers #Cubs #Phillies

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