You know. So i know the red sox just won the world series. The yankees is straight overpack. Stine doesn't matter is not that good. Is there a chance that the red sox could possibly get syndergaard? They don't have a deep minor league system, but can they get done like, do you give up a bunch of like, big prospects? They do have to get amazing picture and add him to david price, who's now the go and krystle what?

That'd be a huge pickup from boston and and it would be a good one, but it's not gonna happen. Is just because new york and going to get rid of that there's there's no way that they're going to keep him. He's kind of become like their whole face of the franchise thing. They're not getting rid of him. Uh, and like you said, boston doesn't have a whole ton offer. Uh, dave dombrowski is known for being willing to ship off everything. Look at what he did with detroit, so who knows? But probably not.

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