Look, if i'm a laker fan from a fan of anyone who doesn't want to see the warriors make to the finals, bradley beal to the lakers is the move. I think they have. They would have what it takes. I don't know who they can trade. They don't really have any pics but lebron pus ball plus bill mcgee, he ingram. That would be a very solid team. He's a score. He plays defense. What do you think?

Never. I'm a huge lake. Super huge laker friend. I think that would be great. Bradley view to the lakers. And he always says he doesn't beer. That would be that would be hard. That would be super hard. And there are we not getting along. But it happened that way as a laker fan. I'm for that. I'm for that, bro. Yeah. Bradley bill like, and the ones that apartment. Yeah.

I'm with it, but to a degree that being said, who do you give up because you're not going to give a part? You're not going to give up ingram. You're not going to give up his oh, you're not going to give up booze. They're gonna want one of them. Maybe two that happened. That's what makes the lakers right now. A promising team is length, defense and scoring. Right now, we're middle of the pact on defense and top scoring, so we're going to really jeopardize that.

First of all, bradley billed to the lakers playing lebron ball. I see nothing but conflict. You already have problems playing with john wall ball. Well, guess what, lebron ball is gonna be no difference. You're not going to get near the touches you like, and for the frequency you like to touch the ball in transition and an off, of course, bradley build needs to go somewhere where he can be somebody's volume player. Playing with lebron is not going to work with bradley.

I disagree. Shot doc. I think it will work. I could see him and lebron in along a lot better than him and him in in the war. But why does everybody keep saying they're not giving up this player, that player, this player? No, everybody's expendable. Once lebron comes to your team, it's about what he wants, who he wants to play with anybody else to get the fuck gone. Brandon angry. He can get the fuck on so he can go by.

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