And two days ago, patrick lining of the winnipeg jets scored five goals in a single game against the st louis blues on five shot attempt. They want eight before he outscored the entire blues team. Now he leads the league. What nineteen goals on the season actually think he's one of the best young stars in the game? I think he's actually better than karmic david. Well, make david gets all the hype flyknit continues to produce. Uh, that was the first five gold games by an individual since two thousand eleven. So how impressive was patrick lining?

But you're speaking my language here, sauce boss. So i figured i'd pop in on this question. I personally think that comic david versus patrick line a is going to be this next generations. Crosby versus ovechkin mcdavid's checks all the boxes. Today's angel. He's quick, gets to the net and plays both sides extremely well. Meanwhile, lina is the better sniper of the two, although not physical. Is ovechkin. My name was my pick. To win the rocket rashard trophy for most goals this month has shown he's proven me right.

Battle on SportsMe! #Laine5goals where do you have Laine in comparison to other young stars and how impressive was his 5 goal game?

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