Oh, yeah. Where those kevin durant haters out there tonight? Kevin durant led the warrior without curry to the third straight win. Had forty nine point nine rebounds, six assists in the last three games. Kevin durant has averaged forty one point nine rebounds and seven assists. Not curry is scheduled to come back the next game. Hey, those durant haters out, he's got him on a three win win streak with monster monster staff without kurt.

Kiddies playing on their country, not surprised katie stacks. But say he called then forty point plays. Games gonna happen. Five, six, seven. Ei. Sele. Rule out to sea. Thank airbus keys begin. I have a great support, cass. You know so and they plan a good system that fix katie whale to get him open without getting double teamed. Whatever. It's a greek spread offense. That's what makes it a little better than what it is.

Jonah, stop. Just because katie's had three really good games in a row, we're just gonna forget about what's been going on since car has been gone. This strife within the team, katie and draymond bitching at each other. Uh, katie not being able to leave the team always had three good games in a row. We forget all of that. Come on. The warriors still need curry. Katie's not enough with. With curry gone and katie getting all the feeds, he should be averaging that much. Well, he's gone just always.

It is a lot of katie haters out there. I'm not one of unfortunately, but the thing about katie instead is really that they need each other. I mean, if katie got her in the finals, lord forbid, or even in the playoffs and stef couldn't deliver, for whatever reason was getting punked. Who said a side thing? They need each other. Katie needs to stay.

Did somebody really say that? Golden state has a good supporting cast outside of their main starting five. In what world is that possible? In no world are they any we're close to being good. They're terrible for the whole katie haters thing. I'm not a katie hater. I think he's the best player in league. Yes, he's better than lebron, and there's nothing you could say to dispute that.

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