Well, another night in mba, another game with five hundred uncontested layups and nobody guarding the three point line. I just i don't get it, man. I don't even really mba is what got me in the sports grew up watching the shit it turned into an all star name every game. I mean, it's fun to watch super fund waifs, but when you really think about this shit, man like these motherfuckers is getting paid thirty million dollars to come out here and play for fun like there is no hard defense, no hard, nothing.

Cody or i'm with you, man. I'm completely with you, man. I'm so fucking tired of seeing teams just school one hundred, twenty hundred, thirty hundred forty points on a regular basis. It's just fucking sickening. I know people like the big toe, all the points, all the offense. It's like a college football now and then, a fat people like seeing these explosive offenses they don't appreciate defect. Good. Solid defense. Eighty five bears the two thousand ravens or whatever, whatever year that would. Looking great defense. Oh, for pissed the nineties bull's great defense.

Yeah, you know what is what has come out of all the surveys and everything else, contrary to my beliefs and feeling i'm like, ugh, kota yoder but were wrong were actually wrong. The fan base the general pham based a popular fan base, it appears, wants to see draining of threes, high flying dunks, the aerial show, the alley. Oops, the fast game. The fast paced transition game. They do not want to see a half court oriented defensive base game with low scores. They want high scores and fan.

You had a shot, doc's right. You know, the people now and then the tv viewership and people are going to games. They want to see points. And that's not just in the nba. That's not just nfl college football, baseball. They want to look every sport, hockey. They want points. People want points. Nobody cares about defense. You say defense wins. Whateveryou want defense, no cell. Everybody wants see points it really. It's the fantasy movement. Fancy basketball, fancy football.

You know damn davis. That was a hot take right there for show. Carter, i feel you, bro coffee. But was shot doctor saying is right and deadly what david's saying is right. But because of those reasons, i wouldn't blame the players. I will blame the rules because the rules are set up like that because that's what people want to see. I don't think it's that the players will have the ability.

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