So i was taking a little morning stroll on basketball reference and i have to share this. This just in. It is not okay. Why is russell westbrook shooting seventeen point six percent from three, with five of them attempted a game making less than one?

And you don't know yet. He never goingto you don't care. He knows he's always going to get a max deal. When this mac still goes out, we'll get another one because he gives triple doubles and twenty eight tonight if he wants tio, he's not really concerned about winning the championship. We know that. So that's just justice out is that russell westbrook is he's gonna bring something like excitement and put some butts in seats, and that's that's what he's gonna do. That's what's going to define him.

I don't think he has anything to do. A self control. He needs a damn shot doctor. He's to improve on that outside jumper man, that jumper's terrible. That's why they call him russell west brick because he puts up put some tomei damn bricks on the freaking rim when he shoots the ball, it's a guaranteed brick from the outside. That's why he likes toe freaking, attack the basket every time and get to the line because his outside jumpers up his game reminds me of john wall very fast gets the bucket really well, but then he's terrible outside you.

Yeah, so we'll see needy shot that? No, we got to get shot. Not throwing his pulse. We need shot, doctor to analyze what is wrong with russell. Westbrook is shot. Why is it so bad? Especially right now. I mean, i understand he's a point guard. He kind of has to take those shots to keep them honest. You know, keep the defense on this. But five is a lot. That's too much trying to be shooting. They're poorly. Might be a little bit control and the shot.

This is my big problem with russell westbrook as a player. Is that very stats? A show? Inconsistency. He's a triple double monster some nights, but there are a few games where he does shoot his team out of game. I'll think it's ball hogging. Russell westbrook would be firing triple doubles if he wasn't, but may it scheme. Paul george is a much better three point shooter. He plays jeremy grant out sabrina's who have better fruit. Three point percentage is let them have a few more perimeter looks.

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