What's up, guys? Am i really shocked with the washington redskins and nfl is pulled off with reuben foster in a domestic violence. Look all sports about winning, but the moment you lose a perspective, sports millions of dollars to these owners. You're not going to play football no more. That's why they ok with domestic violence and killings in sports, which you stand up for human rights. You're not going to play ball anymore. Bottom line.

Yeah, dre, you said it, brother. Bring it, bring it. That ain't number the truth. That ain't nothing but the truth. Yeah, what you just brought dealing with social injustice and and political rhetoric and and the overall aspects of seeing changes being made, policy changes that will eliminate. And and the fact that you're rocking the boat. Oh, yeah. See the the other atrocities? Yeah. It just shows the character about society.

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