You're telling me that reuben foster got claimed by the washington redskins, but colin kaepernick can't get a job for getting me domestic abuse or kneeling because you believe in something. This just seems very odd. Very, very odd.

Jeff in that safe. That is exactly it. This guy was picked up before he was arraigned. He was picked up off what waivers. I don't even think he had been released yet at the time that they acknowledged picking him off up off waivers and he's on the exemption list. They've got all kind of criteria, but they want to snatch him up anyway. And count calling cabinet can't get a job.

Oh, we can't have anybody kneeling during our precious national anthem. Uh, precious national. And this guy just fucking beat up a woman. Uh, that's not a problem, but don't kneel during the national anthem. Oh, my god. Oh, my god. Oh, the national anthem. A fucking it is ridiculous. It's just sad shows you where our priorities are these days.

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