Good point on a rogers, you know, pouting and being a baby and all that. But i thought about this and you think between age of thirty eight as early as thirty five to years and up were caught up in the days of the old school coaching and believing in the team. And there's no i in team that has changed with today's athletes. So i think we got to move ahead with the times, is it, baby? And it was that what's more to come of the expectations of a high profile?

Dre. I disagree. This one, uh, actually fits in an area of something jonah more talked about. That's the cobra effect, because if we implement the coddling of players, individual is, um, we're going to build something that's going to be out of control. There's gotta be some depth. There's gotta be some continuity to do that. You have to take the eye out of team. You can't start putting the i in team and figuring you're going to get that successful continuity angle.

I gotta agree with shot, doc, you can't do that. I team stuff. In football, you can lead a team and be the top player, and other players will recognize that automatically. And they'll follow my hunch. But when you make it all about you, these are grown men. They noticed it and this twenty one other people in the field. So that's a recipe for disaster was works and no error. Bradshaw, montana. Eight men and brady. We're all for the team guys. That's why they have three more, right? I just want some whim, or he has to stop getting his panties soaking wet.

Yeah, football is very hard to do. The eye. I am teams a little easier in basketball. To some extent, you still need all the pieces to fit together as a team. But an individual can affect a basketball team more than an individual can affect a football team. And my although in football the quarterback is the most influential position right now. The problem the green bay packers air having with roger's. They pay him too much so they don't have enough money to pass several other really good player in key position that's going to come back to haunt the pac in the next few years, already haunting him. This you?

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