Packers. Oh, and six on the road. You want to be a playoff team. You've got a one on the road that hasn't happened for them yet. Cellar and they missed the playoffs. I can see why.

Or you're gonna miss the playoffs. I think we need to stop talking about the platt packers and start talking more about the chiefs to saints, the rams, chargers. You know, if you want to talk about it, if i lean towards canada, defending champions, amount of charge to get back. But otherwise, let's talk about the houston texans. You know, let's talk about the pittsburgh steelers. Let's talk about teams that are going to be really relevant on and quit talking about a team that obviously is not in it this year.

Yeah, the packers are done. It doesn't matter what they do on the home games. If you can't win in the road, you're not gonna even finish with the winning record. You also look at all the, uh, teams that are fighting for a wildcard spot. The packers have lost to those teams, so there's not even going to get the tie breaker over those teams. So let's talk about teams that are actually in the playoff are or can make the super bowl. Stop talking about the damn packers.

They're not going to play. I don't marry. They always see on it ain't gonna play offs that time like, yeah, you gotta win. You forget the winning on the road or what? You've gotta win games, period o care if it's in in mexico, new england. Detroit got win games, go to playoffs. Oh, don't matter if it's on the road or not, you're not going to play offs said it began a year like being right, awesome.

Battle on SportsMe! Just looked and the Packers are 0-6 on the road. Definitely should miss the playoffs this season if you haven’t won on the road yet!

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