So westbrook ties. Jason came for third on the all time list, triple doubles course for behind oscar robertson and magic johnson. How great of a feat is this to you? Where does this put him as an elite point guard and how much you care? Personally, i don't give a fuck scenes of work on his shot and winning games. But for what it is, it is a a great feat. I think you need to focus on his shot. Trying to win a ring. I put him in the top ten point guards all time number.

Look, i love with westbrook does and a lot of people calling the staff packer, but it ain't for my players. Call him a stat pack. Ok, those of fans that call that. But because at the end of day, players know most of his rebounds, a defense of rebounds, they know the commitment it takes for perimeter player to commit to defensive rebounding. That's a commitment to the game that's, ah, harder. Rebound consistently to pull down. Five six, seven. You know, defensive rebounds and only, you know, two to three offensive rebounds. He's committed toe winning. That's what it is, and i lie.

Me. And russ is a down dog because jason king, you know he's due to appoint tennis is ten rebounds. I'm not saying is weak, but japan's arrests, you know who gets thirty, you fifteen fifteen or something like that. My last night. Nineteen rebellion. That just has this crazy open for point guard. Uh, yeah, but he needs work on his winning is shooting. Uh, finger shot down, man. You talking? He's talking about a dangerous, dangerous, clear.

I think it's amazing accomplishment and of all those guys, all those guys. And this is including lebron james. Russell westbrook has the highest winning percentage when he scores a triple double. He wins eighty two percent of the games when he scores a triple double just for the record. Oscar robertson, seventy percent. Magic johnson, seventy eight percent. Jason kidd, seventy one percent. So when people say he stat pad when he has a triple dulled, his team is gonna win eighty two percent of the time.

I love russell westbrook and honestly, he can get the all time most leading triple doubles by the end of next year. That's unbelievable. I think he's a great player. I think he's unbelievable player and see if one of the best. I don't think so because come playoff time, he doesn't win games. But in the current mba, i got mad like the seventh best player. Right now he has hard work and dedication, which i will.

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