So, as you all know, kyle korver got traded to the jazz for shitty player into second round picks with the way that the utah jazz have been playing like shit. Is she compared to last year? Do you think this puts them back and playoff contention? That thing that they like the levins, that number eleven right now in the west? I think this will put him about an eight seed. He definitely didn't need another shooter. So a little bit last waiters on mitchell, but it's still not the piece to get them back to third place.

Cosgrove is a stretch guy, but he's a streaky stretch guy now. He was at one time, but he was just deadly, deadly, deadly. But now it's a different story. So i'm not certain guys and fun. He's going to make that big of a difference. Willie, help him. He'll help any franchise. He goes to. Cal kovar is really transferrable anywhere in the league because he's just basically a spot up shooter. He could help golden state, new york knicks, boston celtics anywhere with limited minutes, but he's streaky now. He's not esquina.

I don't think alec berg is a bad player. I think he became expendable. Uh, riding hood, then i've matured. And now in greece. And alan, um, but the calico over. Hell, yeah. He got aspects of florida's. What? He's a marksman. There's heaven in the west, the west. So light packed. Congestive, uh, that they could get five seat, uh, his opinions on how they play down the stretch. I've been. Is there really another score without mitchell? Not just a shooter? Uh, that's their biggest problem.

Okay, this is my take on the jazz. Remember last year they were about like, eleven twelve seed in the west. At this time of the year, they finished into like the poor seed in the west. They're going to hit their stride come mid season and i feel like i owe corber can help that with shooting. I love this movie. I love seeing kyle korver back in the utah jazz jersey. They're going to hit their stride, commit season and get a top five seed in the west in mine.

Yeah. I mean, the fact is is, well, you know what you're getting with cal korver. You're giving somebody who's extremely efficient from the three point line and you're getting somebody who can't play defense. Will it help them as faras adding depth to their team? Yes, but when you talk about the discrepancy between the eighth seed in the eleventh, see, that's really one game right now. So as faras like that being a huge difference, it really isn't because there's thirteen teams in contention in the west. There's a time it's compact.

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