Just kind of touch on the bradley building again. You said that we were talking about bills. If this's like free agency, no. But the thing that was is that charlotte actually has a couple decent pieces that would fit well with washington. Which is why some of us believe that charlotte is the best option for washington to get the best bang for their buck for bill but doesn't want to be there. So trade him to a team where he can go to and get quality pieces back for him. Several.

Man, you're gonna have to tell me what good pieces charlotte has that will fit well with washington when washington is basically trying to do a rebuild and all the good piece i'll really see over there. Charlie is kemba walker. Maybe nicholas, but oh, but i don't think any team really can't offer more than the lakers. I think the lakers can't give up a pick and two decent quality players right now.

Yeah, and, you know, been fresh. Sums it up if you all didn't understand me. What i'm saying is, you know, it's got to be about washington and i ain't about where bill can play. It's about it watching, and i don't see right up the road here and charlotte, any pieces that are gonna help washington every bill. It's got to be a team that's got a ah bunch of of young players, young, talented players that are in their rotation, where they can afford to give up a couple of them, you know, for the purposes of getting a veteran guy that can put up points for you.

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