All right, sports me fam. Fox regional sports networks are auctioning off all of their networks because disney was not allowed to buy them as part of the acquisition from disney. So who should buy them? Those rumors? Lebron lebron, jeff bezos? I don't even know who else. But what if a group of influencers bottom transformed sports media into just influential? Is giving access and aligning? That was social media. That would be dope. What would you like to see? Who do you think should buy the fox regional sports network? Maybe busters?

That's that's deep thinking there, jeff, because really, but i think to do that, it's gonna have to come from someone it's either connected with or willing to go, that direction with information technology as a stronghold. But of course, anybody who has the cash can do it. But i think they need to have a partner or a consortium or or some type of ah collaborative or strategic partnership with an information technologies resource and then broaden it into social media in a integration.

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